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Beginner’s Beekeeping Course

Very informative course covering all the aspects below. Ideal for all prospective new beekeepers.

- Natural history of honeybees.

- The functions of the queen bee, workers and drones in the life of the colony.

- The beekeeping year.

- Forage, hive products, beeswax and honey processing.

- Swarms and swarm control.

- Bee health and disease management.

- Economics of beekeeping, equipment required.

- Principal parts and functions of the hive.

- Considerations when setting up an apiary.

Course will be held at :

The next course will be

held next year


This will be 8/9 hrs of Theory

Followed by hands on practical sessions with the bees through the year on Sundays at the Coppermill out apiary for all those taking the Beekeeping Course.

For this you will need to purchase protective clothing.
- details will be given on the course.

Cost £65.00  (Includes £15 Associate  membership for a year). To be paid 1 month in advance to allow the venue to be confirmed.

For further information and enrollment, contact:

Alan Husbands: alan.husbands@gmail.com










BBKA Basic Course

For Beekeepers who have taken the Beginners Course and have been keeping bees for a year.

If you wish to take this exam please contact Alan.





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